WinNavigator 1.92

Powerful file manager with built-in viewers for 9 graphics, 11 sound/music, and video formats
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Igor Kokarev, Aleksey Elin, Koshkin Pavel
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WinNavigator is a powerful yet easy-to-use file management system that is a great alternative to Windows Explorer or Norton Commander. It offers standard file management operations such as copying, moving, and deleting, as well as built-in viewers for 9 of the most popular graphic formats, 11 sound/music formats, and video clips in Microsoft AVI format. It can also handle all compressed files like ZIP, ARJ, RAR, etc. as if they were regular folders. Additionally, it features a System Information panel, an Internet dialer, a clipboard viewer, a calculator, an audio CD player, and a Resource Explorer. It is available in multiple languages, including English, Italian, Polish, Czech



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